Our Concept of Sustainable Business

Our Sustainable Business

Our mission is to provide a safe and sustainable means of waste treatment that reduces greenhouse gases and generates clean energy. Adhering to our commitment to raise environmental protection awareness in society, we will continue to expand our WTE portfolio and seize new business opportunities, becoming a solution provider for integrated environmental protection and sanitation in China.

Our Environment

We see environmental excellence as the cornerstone of our management framework. We are fully devoted to environmental protection while achieving economic benefits through proactive implementation of eco-friendly and energy-saving technologies to mitigate the environmental impacts introduced by our projects. We continue to utilise all resources, including water, fuel and natural resources efficiently and conservatively, identify sources of waste generation and minimise the release of pollutants from our projects.

Our People

We believe that developing an engaged workforce leads to a productive and profitable company. It is one of our most important priorities to attract and retain dedicated, skilled and knowledgeable employees, and therefore we have made ceaseless efforts in providing competitive remuneration and benefits, fostering professional training and development, and promoting a healthy work-life balance for our employees.

Our Community

We believe, as a socially responsible company, our obligation not only extends to the local communities we serve, but also to the broader society as well. The Group contributes to the wellbeing of our community through various community programmes, which aims at raising public awareness on environmental protection and sustainable living.